5 Nurse Retention Strategies for Home Healthcare Franchisees

If you’ve attended any professional development event, researched any franchise opportunity, or even gone to a networking happy hour recently, you’ve probably talked about The Great Resignation more times than you can count. Particularly in healthcare, the topic of nurse retention has challenged and worried many would-be entrepreneurs who are ready to take advantage of the booming senior care market.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports that by 2030, roughly 20% of the American population will be 65 or older (that’s about 70 million people). Those citizens both want to retain their independence and need more skilled assistance to do so, making home healthcare a particularly attractive business opportunity. But how do you handle the hiring challenges facing the industry?

As a member of the Best Life Brands family of companies, Boost Home Healthcare is uniquely positioned to help protect franchisees from the industry’s staffing woes. Let’s take a look at how we can help you attract and retain talented skilled nursing staff.

Develop an Engaging Onboarding Process

The best nurse retention strategies begin right at the recruitment stage. Skilled care workers are seeking employers who are engaged, who care about their work-life balance, and who have a positive culture that sets a standard of excellence. An optimized hiring and onboarding process will demonstrate that you are building a team of talented people to deliver consistent, high-quality care for clients.

At Boost Home Healthcare, our franchisee training program features in-depth guidance on staffing for success. That includes how to build a hiring process that covers everything from background checks to assessments of a candidate’s strengths and areas for improvement. 

These assessments help create an onboarding process that isn’t paint-by-the-numbers but instead tailored to the new hire’s individual talents, preferences, and needs. 

Our comprehensive training programs help our franchisees find highly qualified, service-oriented people for their teams. They also show candidates you’re running a company that will set them up to thrive in their work.

Foster a Passion for Excellence in Your Company Culture

If you’ve led teams in the past, you understand how important it is to build and shape a positive culture. Saying your company values excellence and showing it are two different things. And morale is a powerful factor in the success of any workplace, whether your business employs 5 people or 50. 

Nurses and other skilled caregivers know this acutely. What their employers might not realize is that inefficient operational workflows, burdensome processes, and a lack of communication are some of the key aspects of nurse burnout. All of these issues can be addressed if a company’s culture allows for:

  • Rewarding high achievers
  • Celebrating successes and wins
  • Successfully motivating employees when challenges arise
  • Developing a sense of community and connectedness
  • Helping employees achieve a sense of work-life balance
  • Being open to new processes and solutions

Take Employee Feedback Seriously

As a franchisee, you want to build a company culture that inspires your skilled nursing staff to stay and contribute to your success—and the well-being of your clients. Achieving this goal requires genuinely listening to your staff. In a 2021 Hospital IQ survey, 40% of nurses said they wanted more and better communication and representation with hospital leadership. As a home healthcare franchisee, you can deliver on that desire.

Many of the staffing challenges facing the healthcare industry stem from a lack of communication and appreciation. Your employees know what they need to succeed better than anyone—seek feedback from them often, and show them that you’re putting their suggestions to work in practical, meaningful ways. 

Provide Opportunities for Upskilling

A recent Gallup Report shows that upskilling (continuing education and training) is fast becoming a crucial talent attraction and retention tool. In the report, 65% of American workers said employer-provided upskilling is “very important” when evaluating a new job. Almost half said they would switch jobs if offered new skill training opportunities.

Boost Home Healthcare has set itself apart by embracing a dynamic training philosophy for franchisees and skilled employees alike. When you franchise with us, you can position yourself as an employer who offers best-in-class learning programs and meaningful enrichment opportunities.

Celebrate Wins with Recognition

The need for Registered Nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, certified home health aides, and other skilled nursing staff is growing by the minute. Rising to this challenge can be demanding, and a strong leader ensures that those who do are rewarded. Recognition helps your staff see that they’re valued for the incredible skills and compassion they bring to the table every day.

This recognition can take the form of in-office awards, creative bonuses, or even simple gestures like a shout-out or thank-you card. Authentic, honest, and personalized recognition is key to a healthy workplace culture and satisfied employees.

Celebrate moments that matter—and always be looking for them. Show your employees that you see the little things they do that add up to something big, whether for their clients, their coworkers, or the company at large. 

Get a Head Start with Boost Home Healthcare

Many independent home healthcare agencies are feeling the pains of The Great Resignation, but Boost Home Healthcare is different. Because our program focuses on taking excellent care of our skilled nursing staff, they can take outstanding care of their clients—and you can take care of business. Don’t let a fulfilling and financially rewarding future escape your grasp because of staffing fears—join a home healthcare franchise that will help you reach your full potential. 

Discover the Best Franchise Opportunity for You with Boost Home Healthcare

Boost Home Healthcare is focused on providing nurse-inspired clinical excellence, one patient at a time. Take advantage of the proven leadership, exceptional staff, and comprehensive training and resources our franchise model has to offer to start your future strong. To learn more about our opportunities, including available territories with hot markets, request your franchise kit today!

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