Now is the Time to Franchise in the Home Health Sector

If you’ve been contemplating franchise opportunities, there is no better time than now to consider entering one in home health services.  With high demand and unprecedented room for growth, this should be on your radar. 

According to Home Health Care News, home health spending is projected to hit a whopping $141.5 billion dollars this year and continue ramping up through 2031, at a faster rate than any other health care category. The next fastest growing health care category is hospital care. These new estimates are from the Office of the Actuary at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) of the U.S. government as a part of their ongoing studies to better understand and explain the ways that Americans will earmark their health care funds.

National health spending grew by approximately 4.3% in 2022, with expenditures hitting nearly $4.4 trillion.  CMS reports that the next decade is expected to experience growth of 5.4% per year, on average. 

Because of the rapidly aging demographic of baby boomers and an anticipated rise in hospital spending, there is a projected growth in Medicare spending.  Although Medicaid spending looks like it will dip this year and next year due to the end of COVID-19 pandemic enrollment flexibilities, it is projected to accelerate in the years beyond. 

Boost Home Healthcare is an exciting premiere home healthcare franchise opportunity for anyone searching for the right fit to elevate your career, prosperity and personal growth.  A part of the Best Life Brands family of companies that are inspired by senior solutions, Boost Home Healthcare focuses on providing nurse-inspired clinical excellence, one patient at a time.  Backed by the Riverside Company and under the leadership team from Best Life Brands, we provide exceptional support, training and resources to power your success. 

Boost provides short term recovery for clients who are getting back to health after an injury, illness or hospital stay.  Requiring the services of a clinical care team for 60-90 days, our skilled nursing care, we fill a specialized niche in home healthcare.  With a reasonable initial franchise fee of $60,000 and total investment of $150,100-$310,250,  we have attractive territories available.  Reach out to learn more and Boost your life. 

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