See Yourself as an Owner

If you’re looking for the right franchise opportunity, don’t feel tied to the career path that you’ve taken so far.  The professional attributes that make you a leader will serve you well as a franchise owner.  

We are always searching for strong candidates to become Boost Home Healthcare owners and join our network of owners.  An extensive healthcare background isn’t necessary.  Our most successful franchise owners are passionate about their community, possess an entrepreneurial spirit and the spark that propels them to embrace the excitement of working with an emerging brand.  We provide the training, support and professional guidance needed to build your business into a resounding success. 

There are universal characteristics that strong owners share.  If you see yourself in this list, you’re in the right place:

  • An ability to work well under pressure:  Stress is an inevitable part of any career.  Successful owners are able to maintain composure, stay focused on operations and remain professional when faced with daily challenges.  
  • Willingness to learn:  Natural curiosity is a benefit in both our personal and professional lives.  To be a successful business owner, it is important to be open to new experiences, to change in general and to embrace learning best practices from your peers. 
  • Committing to getting the job done:  A new business can put demands upon your time.  As an owner, you’re wearing many hats, including hiring and retaining staff, creating schedules, networking with referral partners and so much more.  Putting in the effort and hours now will pay off in the long run.  
  • TrailBlazer : You approach business with energy. You have a  thirst to be the first in market, with the will to take risks. If you’re always guiding friends and family to the latest and greatest in technology and business, you’re an ideal candidate.
  • Possessing strong leadership skills:  By making good decisions, leading and motivating staff and staying open to feedback, owners are able to achieve success.
  • Being a strong communicator:  Communication is essential to running a business.  It is key in maintaining a positive customer experience as well as managing an efficient operation for staff.  Each day, obstacles appear but  the ability to communicate effectively with clients, vendors, referral partners and staff will enable you to progress forward. 
  • Asking for help:  It is important to rely on the tools and resources that are provided to you as an owner.  With corporate support in areas like operations, marketing, HR and technology, you’ll have the power to excel in all areas, even the ones that may not feel familiar to you.  Your team is just a phone call or email away. 

Boost Home Healthcare is an exciting emerging brand that is part of a larger organization with a proven track record. As part of the Best Life Brands portfolio of companies supporting a continuum of care, Boost Home Healthcare is backed by the Riverside Company, a global private equity firm.  With our premier, nurse-inspired model, we help patients with short term clinical care at home after a health setback hits.  Reach out to learn how you could further your financial and professional success with a Boost Home Healthcare location. 

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Connect with Boost Home Healthcare

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