How home healthcare brings physical, occupational and speech therapy to you.

Between telehealth, virtual diagnoses and at-home treatments, healthcare has become more flexible and customizable than ever. This works in patients’ favor when they’re looking for a more comfortable setting for ongoing therapy care. When deemed the right choice by an individual’s medical team, key physical, occupational and speech therapy offerings can be carried out right at home, rather than in a hospital or medical facility. Curious how home healthcare brings therapy for recovery to you? See how individuals can receive therapy care at home. 

Step 1: A medical team determines a therapy plan.  
After an injury or hospital stay, physical, occupational and speech therapy can support an individual’s recovery journey. If your medical team determines home healthcare is the right fit, you can enjoy therapy offerings in the comfort of your home, with added benefits like:

  • Enhanced privacy and familiarity
  • One-on-one attention
  • Trusted communication
  • Reduced distractions
  • Custom plans that are fine-tuned along the way
  • Collaboration with the larger medical team
  • Flexible, customized schedules
  • Proximity to loved ones
  • And much more

Step 2: Therapists administer therapy at home.
Once a care plan is determined, a therapist will administer the necessary therapy at home. Boost Home Healthcare offers physical, occupational and speech therapy services to meet the varying needs of recovering individuals. Not sure what you need? Learn more about each type of care.

Physical therapy helps individuals regain their physical capabilities. Physical therapists work to reduce pain, increase strength, and improve mobility, helping patients recover from injuries and illnesses and ultimately restore their ability to move and function effectively.

Occupational therapy supports individuals during recovery by helping them regain or develop the skills needed for daily activities. Working with occupational therapists, patients boost their independence so they can confidently perform tasks like dressing, cooking and working, enhancing their overall quality of life.

Speech therapy plays a crucial role in helping individuals communicate effectively. Speech therapists work with patients of all ages, addressing speech, language and communication disorders. This therapy enables individuals to express themselves clearly, improving their overall communication and quality of life.

Step 3: A path to independence.
Home-based therapy helps patients regain their independence in a familiar setting. They can practice exercises and activities within the context of their daily lives and routines, boosting their confidence and encouraging a quicker return to normalcy.

For individuals or families looking for physical, occupational or speech therapy for recovery, home healthcare can be an ideal and convenient option. Our nurse-inspired care helps patients on their path to independence. See how by finding a location near you.

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