Top 5 Marketing Support Programs to Look for in a Franchise

One of the top reasons to invest in a home healthcare franchise is the stability that a trusted name and a proven business model provide. That stability comes down to not just brand recognition alone, but full and active marketing support. And not all franchise marketing systems are created equal. 

As you do your research into the best franchise opportunities for you, you’ll need to look into how well the marketing programs work, including the extent and effectiveness of their training and support. To really stand out in today’s competitive senior care market, you’ll need to choose a franchise with some key marketing differentiators on your side.

Social Media Engagement

More than 8 in 10 Americans use social media, including almost half of all people 65 and older. But catching the eye of a potential client is about more than placing one sales ad in a long feed. It’s about generating genuine interest—creating and sharing content on the local level so viewers know you’re a real, caring presence in the community.

Like any reputable franchise, Boost Home Healthcare creates content for the brand at the national level. But we also encourage franchisees to think locally, and we support them in doing so. We provide training on best practices for making your business stand out on social media, including sharing local events you’re participating in. 

Whether you’re doing a walk for charity, running a food drive, or hosting a talk at a local community center, you’ll know how to frame and share those experiences with audiences, creating a relationship that encourages engagement.

Graphic Design Support

At least 65% of people are visual learners, requiring more than words alone to be convinced. To let people in your community know that you’re there to provide high-quality, in-home healthcare, you need to make sure that you’re using attractive visual content in your marketing efforts. High-quality graphics will make your audience more likely to engage with, remember, and trust you.

Of course, it’s a rare gift when an entrepreneur is also a skilled graphic designer. If that sounds like you—congratulations! But for everyone else, Boost Home Healthcare has your back. We have an in-house design team that will support you by creating visually stunning ads, brochures, videos, and any other marketing collateral you need. 

With consistent, beautiful designs that fit seamlessly with the overall brand identity, you won’t have to spend your time learning how to use complex design software or hiring your own graphics expert. 

Digital Expertise & Lead Generation

Almost every franchise contract includes the creation of an ad fund. Franchisees make periodic contributions to this fund that the franchisor then uses to promote their individual brand on a national scale. 

When you’re researching the best franchise opportunities, you’ll want to make sure that this money goes into high-quality marketing efforts. It’s no use paying a franchisor to advertise on your behalf if they don’t have proven digital marketing expertise.

At Boost Home Healthcare, we partner with leading marketing agencies in the U.S. to craft high-performing organic SEO strategies and national ad campaigns. We understand deeply the importance of generating quality leads for our franchisees—driving not just any traffic, but relevant traffic that will make a significant difference.

Communications & Thought Leadership

The home healthcare industry is booming as the 65+ population grows exponentially every year. As such, competition is growing in the market. Families seeking care need to know that they’re trusting their loved ones to a company where innovation, diligence, and compassion are always valued. That’s what makes communication and thought leadership in the industry so crucial right now.

With our proven business model and commitment to nurse-based standards of excellence, we’re disrupting the home healthcare industry for the better. We also support our franchisees in developing their thought leadership skills, positioning them to excel in getting their message across to the families who need to hear it most.

Marketing Consultation

Each of our franchisees brings a unique perspective, background, and set of skills to the table. They’ll also have differing local needs—we know that a one-size-fits-all approach won’t help you fulfill your potential. That’s why we offer marketing consultations to each of our franchisees. We’ll take stock of your strengths and your needs to develop a plan that will work for you and your market.

Our territories are offered based on competitive viability, meaning you’ll never be in a place without stellar growth potential. We’re in a unique position to connect you with national resources while also helping you become locally relevant. With our in-depth market research, we can provide the tools you need to make an impact—and develop your own strengths in the process.

All Backed by a Proven Name

As a Best Life Brands company, Boost Home Healthcare offers you brand recognition right from the very start. Reputation is everything in this industry, and with Boost’s branded content, marketing support, and national recognition, you can start your journey to success far ahead of the competition.

When you’re researching the best senior care franchise to own, don’t overlook the quality of the brand recognition and marketing support you receive. If you want to learn more about our available territories, onboarding process, and support systems, research the Boost Home Healthcare franchise opportunity today.

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Boost Home Healthcare is raising the bar for home healthcare in the United States—and for franchisee satisfaction. Like all Best Life Brands companies, we’re known for our purpose-driven community, our passion for helping people, and our ability to support franchisees as they pursue an unlimited profit potential. Request your franchise kit today!

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