Understanding Skilled Nursing vs. Home Care

The two may seem similar, but there are vast differences between skilled nursing and home care.  Let’s deep dive into the nuances and necessity of each.

The biggest difference centers on the services that are provided to a patient. Skilled nursing services, like those offered by Boost Home Healthcare, are predominantly clinical, medical related, and ordered by a patient’s physician.  Rather than performing these tasks in a hospital or a rehabilitation facility, skilled nursing services make it possible for an individual to recover at home.  Skilled nursing care includes personalized attention that takes place in the comfort and familiarity of home, reducing the risk of falls in this known space.  Specialized services include administering medication, catheter care, ostomy care, infusion/ IV therapy, feeding tube care for enteral feedings, post-op care, wound care, pain management and post-orthopedic surgery care.  The services are normally for a shorter duration of time, generally 60-90 days as a person gets back on their feet. 

Home care focuses on the non-medical service requirements of a patient.  These services can involve household chores that are difficult for an older adult or someone recovering from an injury or illness to handle, like light housekeeping tasks including vacuuming, washing dishes, folding laundry, and meal planning and preparation.  Personal care services are another element, as a caregiver can help clients run errands, attend doctor appointments, enjoy social activities or simply to get out of the house.  Medication reminders, safety supervision and companion care are all a part of these services which are ongoing and long-term. 

The type of care providers for skilled nursing care like Boost Home Healthcare and home care are also not the same.  Skilled nursing employs registered nurses who are assigned to a patient to ensure that their medical care needs are addressed properly and with precision, including their progress in recovering after an injury or illness.  

Home care staff are skilled care providers that are able to comply with the services required.  A medical degree isn’t necessary as the services rendered are based on safety, comfort and companion care. 

Finally, the people who are in need of these services are different.  Patients who use Boost Home Healthcare or skilled nursing care are often recovering from surgery or illness who require medical supervision as they recover from the comfort of home.  They require medical monitoring, various therapies like physical or occupational therapies and other care.  

In the realm of home care, services are provided for patients who require personal and home assistance like grooming, dressing, meal preparation and additional light chores.  Although they may be given medication reminders by a caregiver, they don’t require the medical attention of a skilled nurse to stay safe at home. 

Boost Home Healthcare is clinical home healthcare that helps individuals get a boost back to better after a health setback.  Our elevated approach to home healthcare is nurse-inspired.  We increase collaboration with doctors so our clients can reclaim their health independence.  

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