What You Need to Succeed as a Home Healthcare Franchisee

The secret is out: if you’re seeking the best franchise opportunities, home healthcare is the place to look. Between 1998 and 2018, the gross output for the home health services market more than doubled, and with older Americans set to make up 20% of the population by 2030, the market will only grow exponentially. But how do you know if a home healthcare franchise is a good fit for you? And if so, which one do you choose?

Not all home healthcare franchises are alike. For instance, Boost Home Healthcare takes a nurse-inspired approach with a focus on clinical excellence. And we provide the robust training, support, and tools our franchisees need to provide that next-level care. 

We want to talk with passionate people who are looking for a meaningful—and profitable—business opportunity. So we’ve outlined a few characteristics that make for an ideal Boost franchisee.

You Dream of Being a Trailblazer

Boost Home Healthcare is something new: it’s not a home care agency, it’s a healthcare agency. That means our home health aides provide help with activities of daily living while coordinating care with your multidisciplinary staff, ready to provide skilled nursing care to people in their own homes. It is our passion to provide superior-quality clinical services in the place where recovery can happen most comfortably. 

Naturally, we’re seeking franchisees who share this pioneering attitude. If you’re ready to be the first in your market and capitalize on Boost Home Healthcare’s high growth potential, this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. We have hundreds of territories waiting for empire builders to make their mark.

You Have an Executive Mindset

A successful Boost franchisee doesn’t have to have a medical background or a robust resume. We will provide extensive industry training, tools, and support to help you recruit the right people to manage the patient care aspects of the business. Instead, you need passion and an entrepreneurial spirit. You will be the face and voice of your business—a visionary capable of overseeing operational functions, finances, and staffing. 

As the owner, you’ll be the governing body of your investment, which takes an executive mindset. You’ll have a strategic perspective, think at all levels of the organization, solve problems creatively and effectively, and be fully engaged in your success.

You’re Good With People

As a franchise owner, you’ll of course need to be good at managing people. Having a real passion for connecting, networking, and simply getting to know people goes a long way toward success. You’ll need to build relationships with potential referral sources as well as with potential and current employees. Being an outgoing and effective communicator is key to delivering meaningful solutions to your clients and community.

You Have a Knack for Marketing & Selling

As a Best Life Brands company, Boost Home Healthcare supports its franchisees with a proven business model and robust brand recognition. Of course, as a trailblazer, you’ll need to find creative ways to market your sought-after services to your new community. Many people in your territory will need to know that this new option is available to them: local families, home health aides, medical providers, independent living communities, and other referral sources. This will require a drive for marketing and selling your services.

Of course, you’re not entirely on your own here: Boost Home Healthcare provides marketing training to new franchisees when you come on board with us. You’ll learn innovative sales and marketing techniques and tools to set you up for a prosperous business.

You’re a Natural-Born Leader

If you’ve never owned a business before, that’s okay—all successful entrepreneurs have to start somewhere. Across the entire spectrum of Best Life Brands companies, we’ve seen leaders emerge from diverse backgrounds, from hospitality to education to engineering and beyond. What matters is that you can inspire your team to make a difference in the communities you serve.

You’ll be able to recruit and retain top talent, adapt to challenges, and maintain motivation and optimism across your organization. It all boils down to passion: passion for helping others, passion for success, and passion for bringing the best out of those around you.

You’re Ready for a Rewarding Career

If these characteristics sound familiar, we’d love to talk with you. Most people want to rest and recover in the comfort of their own home, whether they’ve had an illness or injury, are transitioning from a hospital stay, or are working to regain their independence. You can be part of the solution to the problems our aging population faces while following your dreams of growing a successful business. Request your franchise kit today to get started!

Boost Home Healthcare: A Best Life Brands Franchise

Boost Home Healthcare is making waves in the home healthcare industry, bringing expert clinical care to homes across the nation. As part of Best Life Brands’ mission to help people achieve wellness and well-being, Boost provides top-of-the-line training, support, and brand recognition to help you succeed. You don’t have to choose between earning a living and helping others. Chat with a franchise advisor at (800) 227-9540 today for more information.

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