Why Accreditation Matters for Home Healthcare Franchises

At this moment in our nation’s history, the need for skilled, in-home nursing care is no longer just a concern for the future: the demand is here and now. Currently, seven out of every ten people will require long-term skilled care services, and that number will only increase in the coming years as the older population surges. 

Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make a difference can be part of the solution to a national franchise through home healthcare franchising, all while building a successful business. But with so many options out there, it can be intimidating for potential candidates to narrow them down. To choose the best franchise opportunity for you, taking a look at home health accreditation is a step you shouldn’t overlook.

Boost Home Healthcare is proud to partner with the Accreditation Commission for Health Care to demonstrate our commitment to the highest quality care for our patients. So, what does that mean for franchisees? Let’s take a closer look!

What is Home Health Accreditation?

Acquiring accreditation is a rigorous process in which home health agencies must prove their commitment to the highest standards of care. In an official review process, the accrediting body ensures that a home healthcare agency meets regulatory requirements, maintains superior healthcare practices, and is committed to pursuing the best possible patient outcomes and safety.

There are three main accrediting bodies for home healthcare businesses:

Boost Home Healthcare is proud to partner with the ACHC. We did so in order to provide our franchisees with the most reliable and leading-edge resources available at every step of their journey.

How is ACHC Accreditation Unique?

Boost Home Healthcare made the careful decision to pursue ACHC accreditation because we felt confident that it would provide true value both for our clients and our franchisees. ACHC accreditation allows us to offer our franchisees next-level educational resources and to help set them apart from other home health and senior care options in their areas. 

Not all agencies prioritize accreditation—but as a Boost franchisee, you’ll be able to assure potential clients in your market that you are passionate about their well-being. 

ACHC accreditation also comes with national recognition in the form of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) deemed status. This incredibly selective designation demonstrates to potential clients that your business not only meets but exceeds Medicare and Medicaid requirements. This gives franchisees an added competitive advantage in their territories as a sign of trustworthiness, integrity, and clinical excellence.

Why Should a Home Healthcare Franchise Be Accredited?

It’s easy to assume that any healthcare franchise would have to meet certain regulations and requirements. While it’s true that anyone providing care is required to be licensed, accreditation is a voluntary distinction that demonstrates a willingness and ability to perform above the bare minimum. Not only can you assure your clients that you comply with all the necessary regulations—you can prove to them that you follow tested best practices, positioning yourself as an industry leader. 

Research shows that accredited home health agencies perform significantly higher in patient satisfaction and star ratings than non-accredited agencies. Between the training and support you receive from Boost Home Healthcare, the proven business practices of Best Life Brands, and the educational tools provided by ACHC, you’ll be more than well-positioned to grow a successful business helping people thrive in the comfort of their own home.

Benefits of Investing in an ACHC-Accredited Franchise

Choosing to invest in a franchise with ACHC accreditation comes with a host of advantages over choosing a non-accredited agency or starting out on your own as an independent. These include:

  • Enhanced operational effectiveness, efficiency, and risk management
  • Support for your business’s growth and drive toward continuous improvement
  • Improved staff training and less staff turnover with a strengthened culture of care
  • Boosted trust from members of your community seeking care
  • Differentiation from competitors in your area

Invest in a Standard of Healthcare Excellence

At Boost Home Healthcare, we understand you have many options when exploring the best senior care franchise opportunity for you. Our partnership with ACHC is just one of the many ways that we set ourselves apart as an industry leader, a smart investment, and a franchisor that can help you follow your dreams. To learn more about Boost Home Healthcare and the difference our franchisees make every day, read through our Frequently Asked Questions and request your franchise kit today!

Boost Home Healthcare: Proudly Accredited Home Healthcare Franchise

As a proud member of the Best Life Brands family, Boost Home Healthcare is committed to helping our clients live their best lives. We do that in part by offering franchisees a chance to do the same, with best-in-class training, support, and resources. Our franchisees feel a great sense of fulfillment both personally and financially because they uphold the highest standards of care for their community members in need. To get started, call our franchising advisor at (248) 781-8841 or connect with us online.

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